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(Your pov.)
You were currently driving home from work, exhausted. All  you wanted to do was get home to your boyfriend.. Then, as if right on cue, your phone rang. You looked over, not wanting to pick up while driving. It was Jack. You wanted to answer so bad, but you were driving. So you just looked away and continued on the way home. But, after not answering his call, you kept getting messsages and calls from him. God, he's so cute! 

<<Timeskip!! do doo DOO DOO DOOOOO!>>
You pulled into the driveway, and got out of the car. You walked into the door and the first thing you heard was "Y/N!!!!!" You saw a green blur and then you toppled to the ground. Finally regaining state of mind, you looked up and saw your boyfriend Jack with the cutest face ever. He let himself fall onto you and you both sat there on your carpet snuggling. Then, a normal conversation started. 
(Y=You and J=Jack)
Y: Hi.
J: Hi!
J:How was work?
Y: Good.
J: Did you sneeze today?
Y: ..What?
J: Did. You. Sneeze. Today?
y: Uhh, yeah..?
J: how many times?
Y: 3...
J: ..In a row?
J: WOW!!!
You burst out laughing at his cute child-like attitude. He looked at you confused as to why you were laughing, but then just smiled and booped then kissed your nose, which he knew you loved. Out of nowhere, he got up, much to your confusion. Suddenly, you were lifted up into the air and you screeched a little and wiggled your legs in the air. Then, putting on your hood and pulling the hoodie strings, mumbling "Jaaaack......"  as you attempted to hide your blush. Then, still somehow holding you with one arm, he opened up your hood and shoved his face inside. Your noses were smooshed together, and you were blushing harder than ever. He kissed your nose, both cheeks, and lips before lifting off your hood. You smiled, but it left your face when suddenly he started running with you in his arms. At first you were surprised, but moments later you were laughing like crazy, having a good time. Then he threw you on the bed and belly-flopped onto you. "OOF!" you blurted out.
 He looked into your eyes and stuck out his tongue in a joking way. You pushed him off and sat at the edge of the bed, pretending to be mad at him. Little did he know, this was all a part of your master plan.. He looked at you, confused and upset. "Y/N? What's wrong? Did you fart? Its ok if you farted and you're embarrassed. I farted too." With this, you burst out laughing, losing your angry posture. "No, you big dummy! I was gonna scare you!" You said, still laughing. "Oh.. well, in that case, TICKLE FIGHT!!!" He jumped on your back and snaked his arms around your waist and began tickling your stomach- your WEAK SPOT! You began laughing out loud, pleading for him to stop. "PLEASE STOP! -AHA- AHAHA- PLE-AHA- PLEASE LET ME GO.. HAHA! I'LL GIVE YOU A COOKIE!" At this he immediately let you go and sat down like a dog staring into your eyes clearly excited. After this, you guys had a fun afternoon and ate snacks and stayed up late playing games and teasing eachother. "I wish I could come home to this every day.." you mumbled into his chest, before falling asleep, waiting for the dreams to come.


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